Lake Cumberland Tailwater - Long Bar Fishing Access

To cross the river you may:

A) attempt to ford the river

B) caulk wagon and float across

C) take a ferry across

D) wait to see if conditions improve

E) make your husband wade across and hope he doesn't drown 

You guessed it! Option E is correct. 

Unfortunately, the flows were to big so we were unable to cross to prime trout water. Still caught a fish so it was a fun day!

Appalachain Trail Breakdown 2015

Many friends and family have lots of questions about my time on the trail.

Here are a few fun facts about my time on the AT:

Miles Walked: 1498.9 miles

Miles Left to Walk: 690.3 miles

States Finished: 10 states (GA, NC, TN, VA, WV, MD, PA, NJ, NY, Conn)

States Left: 4 states (Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine)

Number of Bear Sightings: 13 bear! 

Number of Rattlesnakes: 2

Times I Peed in the Woods: Oh, countless. 

Average Pack Weight: 25 pounds

Pairs of shoes: 4

Main Injuries: 1 sprained ankle in VA, multiple stress fractures in Conn

Amount of pop tarts consumed: 186

Taylor Swift Songs Sung: 7 (minimum)

Kick-ass Friends Made: Oh, countless.

Days I miss the trail: 84 days and counting

Hope to make it back: June 2016

Appalachian Trail Update

For my friends and family that do not know... I am off the trail.

I rolled into Salisbury, Connecticut on the night of June 25th with extreme right foot pain. Admittedly, it was a pain I had been ignoring for a week, but I kept telling myself to suck it up! You are a thru hiker damn it! Pain is the nature of the game. No pain, no Maine - am I right?

The next day I told my hiking friend, Mouse, I thought I would go to the hospital just to check it out. I figured they would tell me I was crazy and I could gladly hop back on the trail the next day. Instead, after an MRI they told me I had multiple stress fractures and to go home. I was devastated and immediately started crying, which immediately made the doctor uncomfortable. I could tell he had no idea what the hike had meant to me and so many other thru hikers like me. I had just made it to mile 1499 and only had 690.2 miles to go! I think he just thought I was some dirty hippie instead of an athlete trying to hike over 2,000 miles.

A few of my trail shoes and my newest shoe! 

I got a ride back to the hostel from the sweet lady that owned it and made my going home plan. I hated seeing Mouse head back to the trail alone, and hated the fact that I was headed back to KY via train then plane.

Don't get me wrong, I love being home with my husband and my two pups, but there are things I love and miss about the trail. Here are just a few of those things:

The Community

Every person I met on the trail was amazing. You feel an instant connection with everyone you meet. It's crazy how people you barely know become your family in a matter of minutes. I never thought I would bond with a bunch of guys while singing Taylor Swift. But hey, it happens. You also meet hundreds of people off trail that are willing to help you, give you a ride, or cook you a meal. The trail renews your faith in mankind.


I know this sounds cliche, but I felt confident for the first time in years. I was making all my own decisions, carried all my own gear, felt I could conquer any challenge, and never for a second worried about how I looked when hiking! This confidence wasn't there on day one, but it is something I feel all thru hikers gain each day they are on the trail.


After walking 20 miles, you sleep because you are tired. Now that I am home confined by a boot, I am never tired. I find myself back to my bad ways and staying up all night! I miss getting up with the sun and falling asleep at dark.

Even though I am off trail and most likely done for this year, I one hundred percent will finish the last 690 miles of the trail next year. It was my original goal to thru hike in one year. Instead, I get to hike it over two seasons, doubling the amount of wonderful people and memories I will take from the AT. Thank you to everyone who helped me along the way!

8 Reasons Why Hiking The Appalachian Trail is Like Retirement in a Nursing Home.

After hitting mile 343 of the Appalachian Trail, I have come to a realization. Hiking the A.T. is like retirement in a nursing home.

Here are 8 reasons why:

1) You have saved up all your money and quit your job, only to find your self living on a fixed income.

2) You rarely see your friends and family. You now sleep in rooms with strangers that quickly become your new friends and family.

3) You smell a little funny. No one mentions it out loud, but everyone can smell you.

4) You rarely shower, and when you do it is more like a sponge bath. Have I mentioned my love for cleansing wipes?

5) You find your self going to the bathroom in things that do not flush. A bed pan is a lot like a privy.

6) You regularly incorporate soft foods in your diet. Instant mashed potatoes are a favorite.

7) You wake up at 5:30am and can't help but fall sleep at 7:30pm when the sun goes down.

8) At this point in life, you are use to the ups and downs along the way!