I Put the Wildcat in KY!

Go Cats!

If you are from Kentucky you are either a fan of the Big Blue Nation or you are nothing. So it was no surprise to me that the next outing I picked was surreptitiously named Wildcat Trail No. 228.  Then I did what any true Kentucky Basketball fan would do once arriving to the trailhead... kinda. I chanted the years (in chronological order) of the 8 national championship we had won, did a good luck dance, and dedicated my hike to Adolph Rupp. After all of the compulsory crazed fan ceremonies and rituals were done I was able to hit the trail!

Overall, the Wildcat loop was a easy 5.3 mile jaunt in the woods, which gave me and the pups time to truly appreciate the scenery and nature around us. About 0.5 miles into the trail you come to an old overgrown road and take a right. Shortly after this, the trail forks. You may go left to continue the trail, or right to see a small family cemetery.  The day I was hiking a tree had fallen blocking the left fork so I choose the right fork at first and was able to see the cemetery. There were many old and new tombstones and one even paying tribute to a Sergeant in the US Army.

We continued past the fallen tree on the left side of the forked trail and were able to navigate trough many overgrown and fallen trees for the remainder of our hike. Things of note along the trail included the numerous fungi, flora, and rock formations that we encountered. I especially enjoyed the rhododendron and the various mushrooms we discovered.

We also took a slight detour off of the trail to Swift Creek and let the dogs cool down with a quick swim. It also gave Rob and I and chance to see if the creek was fish-able, but I couldn't spot a single fish.

 Mourning our lack of fishing options, we hopped back on the trail and quickly finished the rest of the hike.  We emerged on pavement near the Parch Corn Creek trailhead. A short 1 mile jog along the road completed the loop, depositing us back at our car. It was a great day for a hike on a beautiful trail that would make any member of the Big Blue Nation proud!