Bourbon and Horses and Tenkara? Oh, my!

So far, Kentucky has revealed to me the traditional staples of the state like horses, basketball, bourbon, coal, and climbing.  I have done the distillery tours, hopped on the bourbon trail, placed a bet at Keeneland, and had a blast doing it all! However, months after returning to the Bluegrass State I had not found a stream to fish Tenkara.  I started day dreaming of living in Utah once again where trout streams are seconds away from Salt Lake City. Ok, so maybe I wasn't day dreaming, but I was pretty mad at myself for not taking advantage of the easy access I had to ideal Tenkara fly fishing while in Utah.

And then it happened! I went on a hike that happily turned into a fishing trip. I found my own "honey hole" that was pretty amazing located in . . . well, that's my secret. But I can share pictures of the unexpected joyous occasion:

Casting alongside Baloo, the best fishing partner I know!

 I went out with Tenkara USA's Rhodo. I like using the Rhodo because it is so light in hand and, like all Tenkara rods, it is very easy to take on a hike. The kebari, or fly, I used was a purple and blue affair called a Dinky Dye. The best part of the trip was successfully reading the water - casting to any place I would live if I was a trout!

The fun didn't stop there! Unfortunately, I dropped my iPhone in the stream* attempting to take some pictures. Luckily, this was followed by the discovery of a wonderful gourmet hot dog and beer joint on the way home! Overall, it was a great day!

Even though they featured amazing local and craft beers I had to go with some Dr. Pepper!

*No iPhones were harmed in the making of this post.