Oh Christmas Tree!

This year I wanted to create an authentic Christmas memory to last through the ages! I had always wanted to search for and cut down my own Christmas tree, so this year I made my wish a reality.

I wanted to support a local farm. Hutton-Loyd Tree Farm was a perfect fit. This place is the real deal, offering all kinds of fun all year long. They operate a nursery and garden center, host weddings, and even run a private fishing club (which I will be checking out next year).

We packed up the car one Saturday morning and made the hour drive out of Lexington. For me, the drive is half the fun. I love traveling to new places and discovering different towns, farms, and random KY landmarks. As we drove, we passed through Fleming County. Apparently, this county is the Covered Bridge Capitol of KY! You may not know this about me, but I am a geek. Especially for things like antiques, old forts, and covered bridges. I sat at the edge of my seat hoping to drive past, over, or under a covered bridge. We made it to the farm without one covered bridge sighting, but I perked up when I saw the large tree selection!

They have many varieties including White pine, Scotch pine, Douglas fir, Nordmann fir, Norway spruce, and Colorado blue spruce. We walked through the different trees for a very long time searching for the so-called perfect tree. The only problem was that at this farm there were a lot of practically perfect trees! I even tried to "be one with the trees" to see if any tree spoke to me:

That didn't work. So we just picked one - a wonderful Norway Spruce. 

We cut it our selves, dragged the seven foot spruce to the car, tied it to the roof, and were on our merry way! The Hutton-Loyd Tree Farm staff were very helpful throughout the entire process.

I encourage you all to support a local tree farm in your area next year and if you are in Kentucky stop by the Hutton-Loyd farm. It was a blast and is fun for the whole family, including kids of all ages.

Shop Local and Have A Merry Christmas!