Dry Feet, Happy Feet

If you hiked even a portion of the Appalachian Trail (AT) with me then you probably heard me ramble on about my love for a certain waterproof, breathable sock called Sealskinz. Here is why:

Thin Mid Length Sock (Albatross) - Black.  Photo from sealskin.com

Pros: Waterproof, durable, feet stayed blister free, can wear with or without socks underneath                                

Cons: Hotter months feet would overheat

I purchased the Albatross, Sealskinz' thin mid length sock, in 2015 while prepping for the Appalachian Trail. I tested the sock in rain and snow, on shallow stream crossings, and ankle deep mud. They never ceased to amaze me! My feet were always dry, and I never developed a blister. The socks dried easily overnight by hanging them somewhere in my tent, and were always ready to go the next morning. I was sold.

I decided to take my Sealskinz on the AT, where my love for them only grew. As a NOBO, I started my trek in the cold temps and wet weather of the Southeast high country.  In the temperate rainforests of the Smokies, I didn't have to avoid giant puddles, hop daintily from rock to rock across the many shallow creeks, or fear a rainy day when the trail flooded due to heavy rain fall. I had my Sealskinz! 

With the summer months came drier weather, and I no longer wore my Sealskinz on a daily basis. Though Sealskinz recommends wearing their waterproof breathable socks directly against the skin, I preferred to wear wool socks underneath. This kept my abnormally small feet from slipping around inside, but the combo proved a bit too hot and sweaty in the warmer weather. The Sealskinz would re-emerge on rainy days or anytime I felt a blister forming.

Overall, I would recommend Sealskinz to anyone, and not just hikers! In summer months on shallow streams, they are the perfect replacement for heavy waders on casual backcountry fly fishing trips.  Whether you are a hiker, trail runner, cyclists, or an icky SOBO (just kidding), if you want dry, happy feet try Sealskinz! Let me know what you think!